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connect 2040

What is connect 2040?

Adopted in December of 2020 and then amended in November of 2021, Connect 2040 is the guiding document for the future of our region’s multi-modal transportation system over the next twenty years. It’s the blueprint for how we can achieve our vision to Enhance Mobility, Strengthen Communities, and Generate Prosperity.


Long-range transportation plans are federally-required documents, standard throughout the United States. These plans walk through regional transportation needs of today while also examining future challenges. In our region, there are 100-plus projects that have been identified as a potential need over the next twenty years but the MPO has also identified a fiscally-constrained project list (a list of projects we can reasonably afford).


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Amendment #1 adopted November 2021

Amendment #2 adopted April 20, 2022

Amendment #3 adopted April 19, 2023


The travel demand model allows us to forecast different future scenarios to understand the various impacts on transportation.


Flint Hills ITS Architecture

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) uses technology to improve the transportation system. 


2016 Flint Hills Transportation Plan

The first long-range plan adopted in February of 2016.

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