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Manhattan Bike & Ped Systems Plan

In 2020 the City of Manhattan adopted the Bike & Pedestrian Systems Plan (BPSP).  The FHMPO was highly involved in the data and development of the plan.  In the four years since the plan was adopted, a number of projects have been constructed.  However, a vast majority remain.  This page provides visualizations of key BPSP projects as well as highlights completed projects.


Visualizing the BPSP

The images below are meant to help you visualize the projects outlined in the BPSP.  Click each image to see detailed sketches and plans.  The renderings show potential options and ideas, not set designs or plans, with a goal of showing what is possible.


Poyntz Greenway

Linear Trail Bridge Connection.png

Linear Trail Connector


Anderson Ave


School Streets

Completed BPSP Projects

The photos below show BPSP projects that have been completed.  Several other projects are currently in design or being constructed (see MHK Bike-Ped Newsletter for information), and will be added to this page when completed


N Manhattan Ave

Poyntz 600 block.jpg

Poyntz 600 Block

Wheelchair on Wildcat bridge.jpg

Wildcat Creek Bridge

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