Transit Asset Management 

The MPO works with the region’s transit agencies to monitor and track the useful life benchmark (ULB) of each agency’s fleet. The MPO adopted a target for the percentage of vehicles at or excessing the ULB to be less than 25% of the entire fleet. The table below provides an overview of the age of each agency’s average rolling stock and the percentage of vehicles exceeding the ULB comparing the previous TIP Amendment with the current Amendment. There are two agencies that exceed the established ULB target.

The ULB varies depending on the type of vehicle. The following table outlines the type of vehicle by agency and the percentage of vehicles exceeding their ULB.

A summary of the region’s percentage of vehicles exceeding the ULB is provided below. The only vehicle type that exceeds the ULB are the minivans.

Flint Hills

Metropolitan Planning Organization

The Flint Hills MPO provides a regional forum to coordinate, encourage, and promote a safe, efficient, affordable, and integrated transportation system for all users; in support of livable communities and economic competitiveness.

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