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Pottawatomie county

Oliver Brown Elementary School
Safe Routes to School Plan

Oliver Brown Elementary School is the newest school in the Manhattan/Ogden USD 383 district. Located in the fastest-growing county in Kansas, it is important to provide a safe walking and biking environment. 

The MPO will be working with Pottawatomie County, USD 383, and Green Valley Area residents to prepare a Safe Routes to School Plan. Find out more about the SRTS Plan, here

Demonstration Projects

A series of temporary roadway improvements, called demonstration projects, will be installed in the Green Valley Area to improve safety of walking and biking. The demonstration projects will be completed in two rounds. The first round of projects will be installed the second week of September and the second round installed the third week of September.  

Left: Design for the pedestrian island at MJ Drive and Green Valley Road.


Below: Example of a pedestrian island from Junction City.

Demo Proj - Ped Island - GV at Nature - Measurements.png
SRTS Icons.png

The 6 Es of SRTS Plans

Safe Routes to School (SRTS) is a federally-funded program that aims to make walking and biking to school safer for children. To ensure successful assessment and implementation of the SRTS Plans, there are five areas of focus, called the "6 Es", included in each plan.

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