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The rising numbers of non-vehicular crashes, injuries, and fatalities across the state of Kansas stands in direct conflict with ongoing state and local initiatives to increase walking and bicycling and reduce roadway fatalities. Many Kansas communities have adopted walking and biking master plans, Safe Routes to School Plans, or even bike education programs, yet the infrastructure needed to support these initiatives is lacking.

The Every Day Counts initiative, Safe Transportation for Every Pedestrian (STEP), provides proven solutions to help mitigate non-vehicular exposure and injury severity to support initiatives that increase the safety of walking and biking. Unfortunately, many of the STEP countermeasures are expensive and require lengthy timeframes for planning, design, and implementation. The Flint Hills MPO is interested in helping our communities (especially the smaller ones with limited resources) reduce the amount of time and money needed to implement STEP countermeasures and to do so in a financially feasible manner.

1: Westwood & Eisenhower

2: 15th & Jefferson

3: (a) Ash & Madison, (b) Ash & Jackson

4: St. Mary's & Caroline

Recommended Projects

Location of Recommended Projects

Examples of Semi-Permanent Projects

Semi-permanent projects are appropriate for implementation in Junction City because they are quick to design and install, cost-effective which allows for more project locations, instant promoters of roadway safety, adjustable before final construction, and longer-lasting than demonstration projects.

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