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AARP Community Challenge Projects

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Community Challenge Grant

The MPO was a 2021 recipient of AARP's Community Challenge Grant which awards quick-action projects to improve community livability.  

Three semi-permanent projects will be installed in the Manhattan community to improve pedestrian safety.

1: Hudson Trail & Londondery Drive

2: Hudson Trail & Englewood Drive

3:Juliette & Pierre at Manhattan Catholic Schools

What are semi-permanent projects?

Semi-permanent projects are cost-effective and quick to install alternatives for permanent construction. Using semi-permanent projects allow for more projects to be completed in less time and for minimal cost. The project materials consist of plastic vertical delineators and rubber curbing bolted into the pavement. The lines on the pavement use a reflective traffic tape. The total cost of materials for the three project locations was around $6,500, paid for by AARP's Community Challenge Grant.

The Projects


Pedestrian island along the Hudson Trail

Pedestrian islands help to improve safety and visibility of a crosswalk. The pedestrian island helps to narrow the travel lane encouraging motorists to lower speeds and use caution near the crosswalk. Should a motorist not yield to someone in the crosswalk, the island serves as a refuge for that pedestrian. 


Curb extensions at the intersection of Pierre & Juliette

Curb extensions improve safety and visibility for all roadway users. The curb extensions shorten the crossing distance for pedestrians, but also improve visibility when on-street parking is allowed. The curb extensions enable pedestrians to safely stand further out into the crosswalk (inline with the parked vehicles), improving the visibility of vehicles traveling towards them. This also allow motorists to see pedestrians crossing the street much sooner. 

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