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aTa Bus Ridership

The Flint Hills Area Transportation Agency (ATA or aTa Bus) has been providing safe, reliable, and affordable public transportation in the Flint Hills since 1976. ATA started fixed route transit service in Manhattan in 2012 and Junction City fixed routes in 2016. In August of 2018, significant changes were made to the Manhattan route system.


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Prior to COVID-19, both ridership in Junction City and Manhattan had seen record-high ridership for each respective month. With the pandemic, ridership has dropped, but ATA continues to provide service to several thousand riders each month.

The table below shows ridership  for each service for the same month in the current year compared to the previous year. 


historical ridership


Monthly ridership is tracked to better understand demand and trends. During the 2014-2015 school year, ATA ridership peaked; mainly due to the high enrollment at K-State and large international student population the summer of 2014. Since 2014, K-State's enrollment has decreased and the international student presence isn't as strong as it once was.

In August 2018, Manhattan debuted a new fixed route transit system, including five new fixed routes and the K-18 Connector. Ridership has increased two fold since the start of the new routes.

Also in August 2018, USD 475 high school and middle school students now ride the bus for free.

In July 2019, Manhattan's Fixed Routes underwent an adjustment to make the routes more efficient and reduce the number of transfers needed.

The graph below, "Flint Hills ATA Ridership -- All Services" compares ridership over the last three years, broken down my month, for all of ATA's services.


Download the latest Flint Hills ATA Google Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) data here:

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