Annual Bicycle and Pedestrian Counts

Each September, the FHMPO organizes a region-wide bicycle and pedestrian count, following the procedures and guidelines created by the National Bicycle and Pedestrian Documentation Project (  The primary focus of the count locations is to obtain data on individuals using the transportation infrastructure as an alternative to driving, not those using it solely for recreational purposes.  The data collected by the counts is used to prioritize infrastructure projects; strengthen funding applications for state or federal money; or to monitor use of facilities.

2017 Counts

The Excel link above provides download access of the complete dataset for the year 2017.

This application allows for the exploration of complete data from the Flint Hills MPO bike & pedestrian counts for the year 2017.

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Historical Counts

In the spring of 2017, FHMPO staff tracked a Green Apple Bike for 1 month. The image links to the final report site.

The PDF link to the left provides download access of a presentation highlighting many key aspects of this year's counts.

This application allows for the exploration of selected data from the Flint Hills MPO bike & pedestrian counts for the years 2014 to 2017.

  • 66 Locations

  • 186 Volunteers

  • 277 Other (ie. skateboards)

  • 5,405 Bicycles

  • 34,594 Pedestrians

  • TOTAL= 40,276 

2015 Bike/Ped Data
  • 37 Locations

  • 134 Volunteers

  • 71 Other (ie. skateboards)

  • 2,133 Bicycles

  • 8,813 Pedestrians

  • TOTAL= 11,020 

  • 32 Locations

  • 132 Volunteers

  •  77 Other (ie. skateboards)

  • 2,194 Bicycles

  • 9,126 Pedestrians

  • TOTAL= 11,397

The Excel links above provide download access of the complete datasets for the years 2014, 2015, & 2016.

Flint Hills

Metropolitan Planning Organization

The Flint Hills MPO provides a regional forum to coordinate, encourage, and promote a safe, efficient, affordable, and integrated transportation system for all users; in support of livable communities and economic competitiveness.

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