2016 Transportation Plan

The Flint Hills Transportation Plan is the region's first long-range transportation plan that evaluates the issues, needs, and potential projects for all modes of transportation, including; automobiles, bicycles, pedestrians, transit and freight. At the end of the two year process, a list of regionally significant projects to be implemented over the next 25 years will be identified. This project list might include projects such as upgrading existing infrastructure, identifying new roadways or trail systems, or new transit routes.

2016 Flint Hills Transportation Plan

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February 17, 2016 

Junction City/Grandview Plaza Fixed Route Feasibility Study
(adopted, by reference, as part of the FHTP on June 15, 2016)

Travel demand model

The travel demand model is a computer-based tool used to determine the future volumes and capacities of roadways throughout the region. Click here to read more about what the TDM is and how it is used.

2012 Travel Demand Model Validation Report

Modeled Future Projects & Level of Service

Public involvement 


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Flint Hills

Metropolitan Planning Organization

The Flint Hills MPO provides a regional forum to coordinate, encourage, and promote a safe, efficient, affordable, and integrated transportation system for all users; in support of livable communities and economic competitiveness.

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