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Iterative project delivery


Iterative Project Delivery is an approach to project implementation that provides a low-cost way to “test drive” potential projects. The Flint Hills MPO has been installing iterative projects for several years.


In addition to testing a project’s effectiveness and possible layouts, Iterative Project Delivery allows for public outreach and interaction.  Members of the public interacting with the project can voice their comments or concerns about the project via an online survey. Since a demonstration project uses temporary materials, it’s easy to remove or modify if necessary.


The following documents and links are intended to summarize the work we have done and the lessons we have learned. Scroll down further to view the project gallery.


Learn more about the stages of iterative project delivery by following several examples across Manhattan.


Learn more about the three phases of Iterative Project Delivery.

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demo Project hOW-TOS

The Flint Hills MPO has developed materials to help you create your own demonstration projects.  From location selection to materials and installation guidance, the links below offer you easy-to-follow help.


An in depth guide to installing demonstration projects with helpful hints and tips.


Instructions and guides to enable you to locate and install your own DIY Demonstration Project

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Watch a step-by-step video of a demonstration project being installed.  You can do it too.

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Make your own Demo Project signs from our tried & tested format.

Project Gallery

Curb Extensions

Pedestrian islands

Other Demo Project Designs

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