Bicycle & Pedestrian Data

The Flint Hills MPO is working to fully understand the scope and impact of bicycling and walking in the region. To this end, we are collecting data through counts across the region. These counts are taken in two formats; Automated & Manual. To examine the data please select an icon below.


Extended counts through-out year using:

  • Jamar Trax Tube counters

  • EcoCounter Pryo Box


Annual September counts using:

  • Volunteers and staff


Infrastructure is the crucial component of a community's bicycling and walking environment. Without a complete and safe network, people will not walk and bike en mass. The reports below highlight the built environment for cyclists and pedestrians in Manhattan.   

Report on Manhattan's Bike Network:

  • Growth over time

  • Network by cyclist level

  • Infrastructure Goals


Coming Soon

Flint Hills

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The Flint Hills MPO provides a regional forum to coordinate, encourage, and promote a safe, efficient, affordable, and integrated transportation system for all users; in support of livable communities and economic competitiveness.

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