Thrive Allen County

Demonstration Projects

In the Spring of 2022, the MPO will be working with Thrive Allen County to install two demonstration projects in Iola. The goal of the projects is to improve the safety of crosswalks..  

The materials to be used for the projects are on loan from the Flint Hills MPO. 

Thrive Allen County.png

Renderings of Demonstration Projects

Prairie Spirit Trail & State St - Streetview.png

1   Pedestrian Island - This project will provide more visibility and a place to wait for people crossing State St. to safely wait if a vehicle fails to yield.  In addition it shortens the crossing distance and requires crossing only one-lane of traffic at a time.

High School - Streetview.png

Project Locations


2   Pedestrian Island - This project will align with the new Science Center crossing and provide better visibility and shorter, safer crossings for students.